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Frat’s Cucina is not your Nonna’s kitchen.

It’s a beautifully sophisticated, yet understated dining experience. From the Napoli inspired pizzas to the cheese & charcuterie platters, only the best Italian and locally sourced fresh ingredients are used to create authentic Italian dishes with a twist.

Frat’s Cucina: simply sensational.

Chef Ruben

Chef Ruben

Ruben Rapetti is the Head Chef at Frat’s Cucina, and much of the inspiration for the menu at Frat’s has come from his background. Ruben was born and raised in a small village in Italy near Genova, where cooking was always a large part of his life. Growing up, he was inspired by his family’s culinary experience and was constantly learning new things in the kitchen. His passion and drive to always use premium ingredients is what makes the menu at Frat’s Cucina truly memorable.

Ruben studied Italian cooking in Parma, Italy to further master his passion. His studies eventually lead him to Provence, France to expand his experience at the Four Seasons Hotel there. After years of experience cooking in Europe, a new opportunity brought him to Canada where he has been a corporate chef across the GTA for 6 years.

This incredible culinary journey has landed Ruben in Hamilton, where he continues to gain inspiration from new ingredients, the culture and new traditions.

We welcome you to join us at Frat’s to experience a taste of modern Italian cuisine.